Spring naar de inhoud


I’m an Illustrator from a tiny country called Belgium. From a very early age I loved drawing, nature and animals and so it began, the creation of my own little world on paper. Later I discovered the digital world and my tools of the trade grew from only traditional to a mix of both of these worlds.

Now I share my work and creations not just from my cozy studio but also on the internet and on conventions all over Europe.

Since 2015 I started working freelance as a graphic designer and Illustrator. Working together with clients, sharing ideas, seeing the happy smiles at the end of the project are what I do it for! They inspire me to keep doing what I love.


In need of an Illustration, birthday card, invitations, logo, mascot, icons, etc? I can help you out. Just tell me about your idea/project and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


My creations aren’t only done on paper and in books but I also like to bring them to life on other goodies such as buttons, key chains, tote bags, pillow cases, etc. I can even provide you a service that allows your mascot or logo to be on buttons or key chains.

To see an assortiment of my merchandise why not visit my store and see what is available?