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Collar me up, Scotty!

One of my regular clients is Collar me up Scotty, they make cute dog and cat collars, and regular I design a pattern for them. Here are a few of my creations that they turned into collars!


Game-INN is an indoor gamehall, for young and old. play boardgames, videogames, eat and drink and have alot of fun!

they asked me to design Murals for in their gaming hall, aswell as mascots they can use all over the place!

Game-INN character designs


I had the great oppertunity to illustrate an intire comic book for the indoor funpark Sportoase! a book they would give to all kids having their first swimming lessons.

Sportoase - comic book - Met Mick op avontuur

Twitch streamer emotes

We all know how fun it is to stream live on twitch, discord or youtube, and what makes it more fun ? some custom emotes!

YES I do make custom emotes! here are a few samples I made.