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Welcome to my merchandise page featuring a collection of items all designed with my own original illustrations. From prints to keychains, clothes, stickers, mugs, and much more, this page showcases the creativity and unique style that I have poured into each and every piece.


Interested in selling my goodies in your shop?

In my online webshop you’ll find a wide range of available merch, some even I allow to be purchased for Wholesale.

Introduce yourself to me and tell me what you would like and we shall see what we can do.

where to get?

Where to get your favorite goodies?

  • at conventions such as Made in Asia, Facts, Brussel comic con, Japan Expo, Elftopia and so many more!
  • ONLINE WEBSHOP! Yes there is an online webshop where you can find most of my merchandise, originals are not listed all the time as I organize special open studio days for these! so keep an eye out on my social media if you are interested in those!